Welcome to the SICC 2018 on USB. The USB Drive includes all the required supporting files to render the page using any web browsers in Microsoft® Windows™, Linux and MacOS. If you are using Firefox, you are required to use the adobe acrobat or reader to view pdf files instead of the built-in PDF viewer (To change settings in Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Applications & define the default action for the Portable Document Format (PDF)).

Getting Started

The USB for SICC 2018 has an autorun function. It will automatically display the homepage of the USB when used. If the USB does not auto-run, please open the contents of USB and click on “index.html”. The end-user needs to install Adobe® Reader to view the pdf files. If you do not have acrobat reader in your system or finding difficulties to access the PDF, you may wish to obtain from http://www.adobe.com/.

For technical support and enquiries, please contact:

Research Publishing, Singapore
11 Upper Boon Keng Road,
Singapore 380 011.
e: enquiries@rpsonline.com.sg