Pedri reveals Xavi is caring but angry and scary

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Barcelona midfielder Pedri has revealed that boss Xavi Hernandez is very attentive. But it’s also scary when angry.

Take good care of them Based on the experience of the football itself.

Barcelona star Pedri is perhaps the brightest young talent that they have at the club, and many could not wish for a better mentor than arguably their greatest midfielder ever, in Xavi Hernandez. Pedri has revealed that he won’t hold back his temper for anyone though.

The 20-year-old was on popular Spanish talk show El Hormiguero on Tuesday evening, and spoke about a number of topics.

If acknowledging that Xavi is prone to losing his rag.

“I’ve had to deal with him getting angry at times. Everyone has.”

“He’s a caring person. He used to be a footballer and knows how we behave. He is young and knows how to take care of us,” he tells the UFABET .

However, Pedri reveals another side of Xavi: “Sometimes I have to deal with his anger. Everyone has seen it ′

′ Sometimes he starts off slowly. then gradually faster and louder The more he spoke, the more angry he became. I had to keep quiet and just nod my head. You must keep your head down and not play around. Just accept and hope it ends soon.”