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What kind of back pain? What diseases do you tell me?

      When suffering from back pain, many people choose to ignore the pain. Or just find painkillers to take to relieve symptoms. There are many diseases associated with back pain. and occurs no less frequently than headaches which back pain in general It is often caused

5 Think You Should Know About elderly care centers

It is well known that in Thai society today, sending family members. Or patients who are recovering to be under the care of elderly care centers is still not popular. And is not accepted as it should be. This is due to the values ​​and

10 benefits of eating boiled eggs. Eating them every day

Boiled eggs are not only inexpensive. It is also a food that provides many benefits to the body. Today we would like to please those who like to eat egg dishes, especially boiled eggs, with 10 benefits that the body receives from eating boiled eggs.

“Skinny but have a belly” (Skinny Fat) How should I exercise?

“Skinny but have a belly” (Skinny Fat) How should I exercise? Even though people who are thin have won half the battle. Because in addition to referring to the risk of developing various dangerous diseases will less than those who are obese or weight exceeding the standard They also

PM 2.5 dust and its dangers to the skin

PM 2.5 dust and its dangers to the skin. Report from ทางเข้า ufabet Today, our world tends to face more air pollution problems. Especially during this period, our country is experiencing problems with PM 2.5 dust exceeding the standard. Because PM 2.5 dust is smaller than 2.5 microns, which

The dangers of oversleeping

The dangers of oversleeping. Hypersomnia is characterized by constant drowsiness that affects daily life. It also easily results in depression. Which is a long-term negative effect. In addition, there will be an opportunity to make the patient think short-term. In addition, there are other negative effects as well, such as.