Sancho pressed the tone to lead Manchester United to slaughter the Leicester City 1-0.

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Manchester United beat Leicester City 1-0 in the Premier League on Thursday. Make the visiting team win 3 games in a row.

At King Power Stadium is the final match of the Premier League game in the middle of the week. Between blue fox Open the house to deal with the red devil.

In this match, Manchester United are still holding on to the same starting XI from the past two games. Passed up to the 11th minute, the visiting team had a chance. Before Christian Eriksen pressed with the right front of the penalty area. But the ball fell off the first post a little UFABET .

The Red Devils took the lead 1-0 in the 23rd minute. Bruno Fernandes pouring into Marcus Rashford, a sign into the slot for Jadean Sancho to escape Danny Ward before a clear shot. don’t miss

In the second half, Leicester had a chance to equalize from a free-kick in the 50th minute, James Maddison spun past the wall but David de Gea managed to break off a super save that floated away.

The home team can do better, but the rhythm of the end is not decisive. As for the visiting team, focusing on timing trap and waiting for the counterattack due to the disjointed game play.

At the end of the game.

The Red Devils accelerated the game better and had the opportunity from Rashford to stab the substitute Cristiano Ronaldo into the sign for Eriksen, but the defender slides in front.

Then in the 83rd minute, Portugal’s players coordinated. Bruno stabbed out towards Diogo Dlot, lifted back to the far post. Ronaldo somersaulted the ball to bounce off the second post. In stoppage time, James Justin had a golden opportunity when he got Pull the trigger with the right emphasis. but pushing the ball over the crossbar

The game ended with a 1-0 win over Leicester City for the third game in a row.