“Skinny but have a belly” (Skinny Fat) How should I exercise?

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“Skinny but have a belly” (Skinny Fat) How should I exercise?

Even though people who are thin have won half the battle. Because in addition to referring to the risk of developing various dangerous diseases will less than those who are obese or weight exceeding the standard They also have a good figure so. That they can choose to wear a wider variety of clothes. But even though thin people seem to have an advantage over fat people in every way, there are still some that have annoying problems. and some cannot be resolved as well That’s a group of people. Who are thin but have a belly. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app

Skinny but has a belly or Skinny Fat is a group of people whose overall weight does not exceed the standard. External appearance at a glance He appeared to have a well-proportioned figure, with a small, slender face, arms and legs. But only the stomach part. or a swollen belly or slightly puffed out Not as smooth and beautiful as people with normally good bodies. Therefore, it becomes a problem of how to exercise. Or how to take care of yourself to effectively reduce the size of only the “belly” part without affecting the shape of other parts? of the body a lot.

The reason for being human “Skinny but has a belly”

  1. Eating foods that contain too much sugar Sometimes being a skinny person No matter how much you eat, you won’t get fat. Therefore, it may cause you to accidentally indulge. Eat too much sweet food The more you see that after eating, your figure is still thin. Weight is still increasing. So they eat more sweet food. But actually, sweet food like bakery bread Or shaved ice, bingsu, and various Thai desserts are foods that cause fat to accumulate in the stomach more easily than high-fat foods.
  2. Drinking too much alcohol It can also cause abdominal swelling and protrusion. Especially drinks such as whiskey, beer, wine, vodka or cocktails are drinks that can cause a lot of fat to accumulate on the stomach.
  3. sudden fasting or eating too little It does not help reduce body fat in any way. But it may cause the body to draw energy from the muscles to use instead. Makes the muscles shrink smaller. His body lacked strength even more than before.
  4. Exercising incorrectly That is too much exercise. Plus eating too little food to add energy to the body. It may cause the body to draw energy from muscle mass to use in exercise instead of using excess fat. So don’t forget that If you are thinking of exercising Eating food gives the body enough energy to exercise. It is also important